Cleaning the gas grill - regular cleaning promotes longevity

Cleaning the gas grill - regular cleaning promotes longevity

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High quality gas grills are very expensive to buy. To ensure that they last a long time and the barbecue enjoyment is not impaired, they should be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Summer is all about barbecuing - die-hard grillers fire up the grill several times a week. But not only meat is always on the menu - fish, vegetables and fruit end up on the grill more and more often. So that the barbecue enjoyment is not overshadowed by a strange aftertaste after the fourth time, the grill should be cleaned and maintained regularly. So you get the longevity of the gas grill and can enjoy a delicious piece of meat, fish or another treat from the grill every time.

Cleaning is divided into three phases:

  • Clean after every grill
  • Cleaning as needed
  • annual cleaning

Clean after every grill

The grillage is part of the grill, which you should clean regularly after every grill. Remnants of marinades, meat and spices are deposited there, which could start to mold until the next barbecue. So for hygienic reasons, you shouldn't delay cleaning here.

The most effective way to clean the grate is to burn it out. To do this, close the lid of the device and set all switches to the highest level. Do not be surprised about the smoke development. This is the process that cleans the individual parts - the remnants burn so to speak. When there is no more smoke, the process is finished and there is nothing left to burn.

To remove the soot stains, use a wire brush. You should definitely pay attention to quality, because cheap material can severely damage the rust. There are also differences from the existing grillage. You can find out which type of grill brush is best suited for which grill grate material in the guide from

Finally, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and the grill grate looks like new.

»By the way: When it burns out, the burner cover automatically cleans itself off the gas grill.

Cleaning as needed

Always have a fire extinguisher handy when grilling with a gas grill.

If you fire up the grill more often, you should disassemble the grill once every three months and clean it. You should soak screws in a soapy water and then clean them with steel wool. Then let it dry well. You should definitely remove the gas bottle from the grill when cleaning. In addition, a look at the fat drip tray should be taken. Depending on the grill frequency, some fat can accumulate here. The fill level should be checked regularly so that there is no dangerous fire.

If the aluminum drip trays are half full you should let the fat harden and dispose of it. You can clean the bowl in the dishwasher or simply wash it off. However, since the trays are not designed for permanent use, you should dispose of them after the second or at the latest depending on the degree of soiling after the third time. Replenishment of these special collecting trays is available in various designs and sizes, for example from The dimensionally stable aluminum lasts longer, protects the inside of the grill and saves you valuable time when cleaning.

❖ Clean the outside of the gas grill

Cleaning the grill from the outside is probably the easiest of all tasks. Grease and dirt can be easily removed with a glass or stainless steel cleaner. Simply spray the surface, let it take effect for a short time and then wipe it off.

Instead of a special cleaner, you can also use water with detergent.

" Attention: For gas barbecues with a stainless steel surface, you should not use metal sponges or coarse brushes, as these will scratch them.

❖ Clean the gas grill from the inside

As nice as the gas grill looks when you buy it, it will never look the same again after the first use. But it does not have to rot inside, which is why it is important to clean the gas grill completely from time to time.

Clear the grill and use a wooden spatula to remove any stubborn dirt. Wood is best because there are no scratches that can later lead to rust.

For cleaning, experts recommend a mixture of water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:10, with vinegar taking over the larger part. Wet the entire inner surface with the mixture and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.

" My advice: You can also use oven spray instead of the vinegar-water mixture.

After the exposure time, simply wipe the interior with a dry cloth.

Annual cleaning

Rather, when it comes to annual cleaning, the gas grill has to be made winterproof. The same parts, as already mentioned above, should be cleaned. But that's not all. The details of what you should definitely do shortly before winter so that you can use your gas grill again in spring as usual are explained in detail in the guide.