Tall cherry tomatoes: description of varieties with photos

Tall cherry tomatoes: description of varieties with photos

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Cherry tomatoes are characterized by small, beautiful fruits, excellent taste and exquisite aroma. The vegetable is most often used for preparing salads and preserving. Many growers are more fond of the tall cherry tomato, which can bring a large harvest and become a decoration for a polycarbonate greenhouse or a garden bed near the house.

Cherry - fruit tomatoes

Small tomatoes with a fruit weight of 15 to 20 g are called cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes in their pulp contain twice as much dry matter as regular tomatoes. Breeders love to experiment with small-fruited crops, resulting in cherry with the taste of blueberries, raspberries and other fruits. However, this does not mean that all cherries are small-fruited. There are also large-fruited varieties that yield tennis ball-sized tomatoes.

Like traditional varieties, cherry trees have high, low and medium bush growth. For decorative purposes, tall crops are most often planted. Cherries shine with a variety of shapes and colors of fruits, structure and arrangement of brushes on the plant.

Advice! On your site, it is optimal to plant several cherry bushes, bearing fruits of different colors. In addition to the decoration, the multi-colored little tomatoes look elegant when used in canning and cooking.

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Features of growing cherry tomatoes

Agrotechnology of cherry tomatoes is no different from ordinary tomatoes. They are grown in the garden, in the greenhouse and on the balcony. Basically all cherry tomatoes are hybrids. A distinctive feature of the culture is a high percentage of seed germination, plant resistance to stressful situations, intensive bush growth and high yield. Indeterminate cherry trees bear fruit successfully outdoors. Even in the central regions in the garden, the culture manages to bring at least 4 ripe clusters with 20-40 fruits on each before the onset of frost.

Attention! Periodically, you need to pay attention to the location of the brushes. The less often they are formed on the stem, the more stepchildren must be removed from the plant. Optimally, 2 or 3 leaves should grow between each brush.

Practically, like all large-fruited tomatoes, cherry tomatoes love regular watering and loosening of the soil. With proper care, the plant will thank you with a high yield. It is important to avoid contact of leaves and fruits with the soil. So that the bushes do not fall to the ground, they are fixed to the trellis from an early age. Plants should not be planted densely. This will increase the likelihood of damage to tomatoes by late blight.

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Advice! Cherry tomatoes have a little secret when it comes to harvesting. The fruits must be plucked from the bush when they reach full maturity.

Picked unripe tomatoes of even the most delicious variety will be sour after ripening. This is due to the fact that cherry picks up the maximum amount of sugar only during ripening on the bush.

Overview of varieties and hybrids of tall cherry

Indeterminate cherry trees bear fruit with both open and closed cultivation. Intensively developing bushes can grow up to 5 m in height. Some hybrids form clusters so large that even large-fruited tomatoes cannot compete with them. You can save the brushes from breaking off under your own weight only by carefully tying them to the trellis.

Sweet Cherry F1

The hybrid gained popularity among vegetable growers due to the rapid maturation of the brushes and the long fruiting period. The plant perfectly adapts in an open bed to any weather conditions, is slightly affected by late blight. An intensively growing bush can grow up to 4 m in height. The size and shape of a tomato can be compared to a tennis ball. The tomato is delicious in any use.

Sharp F1

The hybrid was bred by breeders for lovers of large-fruited varieties. Tomatoes grow in large sizes unusual for cherry, weighing up to 220 g. The hybrid is characterized by a prolonged fruiting period, which determines the plant for greenhouse crops. Although in the southern regions, many tomatoes have time to ripen on the street.

Lyubava F1

This large-fruited hybrid adequately competes with its brother Sweet Cherry. A tomato is considered fully ripe and ready to eat after 120 days. The dense, fleshy flesh will appeal to salad lovers. Tomatoes grow large, weighing up to 150 g. Best of all, the culture develops in a greenhouse and should not be planted outside. The plant is capable of producing about 5 kg of delicious tomatoes.


The variety belongs to the group of early ripening tomatoes that bring a ready harvest in 100 days. The tomatoes in the clusters are small, weighing a maximum of 20 g. However, the variety has fallen in love with the high taste of the tomatoes and the unusual aroma. The culture is suitable for open and closed cultivation.

Gold bead F1

In terms of resistance to disease, the hybrid can be compared with the Sweet Cherry tomato. The fruits in the clusters are very small, weighing no more than 15 g. One cluster consists of 20 symmetrically arranged tomatoes. The color of the vegetable is yellow and its shape resembles a golden bead. The indeterminate plant is intended for greenhouse cultivation.

Red cherry

A fairly early cherry variety yields ripe tomatoes after 100 days. The culture is intended for open and closed beds. Tomatoes grow small, weighing up to 35 g. During the season 1 plant brings about 3 kg of delicious tomatoes.

Cherry cocktail

Bushes grow over 2 m in height. The crown is densely covered with elongated large racemes. Very beautiful orange-colored round tomatoes are covered with shiny skin, which makes them decorative. Up to 50 small fruits are tied on the hand.

Queen Margot F1

The decorativeness of indeterminate bushes is given by a small amount of foliage, which is practically invisible behind the beautiful bunches of tomatoes. In terms of ripening, the hybrid is considered early maturing. In a brush, up to 30 small tomatoes are tied, acquiring a raspberry color after ripening.

Honey drop

An indeterminate plant in the garden does not grow above 1.5 m. The clusters are small, usually up to 15 tomatoes are tied in each. The variety is famous for its decorative effect. Tomatoes resemble a small yellow pear hanging from a brush like a drop of honey. The vegetable is very tasty, especially when preserved. Productivity can be increased by proper shaping of the bush and additional feeding of the plant.

Dance with the Smurfs

The black-fruited cherry variety has acquired an unusual name from the famous cartoon heroes. An indeterminate variety was bred by French breeders. Round small tomatoes have completely black flesh and skin, only near the stalk the fruit has a small red speck.


Tomatoes ripen early. When grown outdoors, the culture manages to give up a lot of ripe tomatoes before the onset of frost. Small bright fruits weighing 25 g are tied in bunches. The cherry variety is resistant to viral diseases.

Cherry pink

Cherry tomato variety belongs to the mid-early ripening period. Fruits are formed in clusters of 30 pieces each. Tomatoes are small, weighing up to 23 g. The vegetable is very tasty canned, and is often used in cooking.

Grozdyevye Ildi F1

A hybrid of foreign selection is characterized by huge brushes. Yellow tomatoes of an elongated shape are rather small, but up to 100 of them hang on each bunch. To keep this weight, the plant and the brushes themselves are carefully fixed to the trellis. Tomatoes are very tender and delicious.

Kira F1

The hybrid is considered early ripening, but its fruits can be stored for a long time. Tomatoes grow in clusters of 20 pieces each. The mass of one tomato is about 30 g. The dense, bright orange pulp is covered with a strong skin, which allows you to preserve the presentation of the vegetable for a long time. Cherry is endowed with a fruity aroma.

Marishka F1

An indeterminate cherry hybrid from domestic breeders rarely lends itself to viral infection of the crown. In terms of ripening, the tomato is early ripe. Ripe red round fruits reach a weight of 30 g. The tasty tomato is suitable for universal use.

Cherry Lycopa

A fairly early crop allows tomatoes to be harvested in 90 days. The indeterminate bush simultaneously forms simple and complex clusters with 12 tomatoes each. Oval red fruits weigh no more than 40 g. A ripe vegetable is perfectly transported, does not wrinkle, which is important for businessmen. The culture is very high-yielding, it allows you to collect up to 14 kg of the crop from the plant. The plant is resistant to fungal infection.

Black cherry

A beautiful ornamental cherry bush looks like a young cherry tree covered with beautiful berries. Tomatoes grow small, round, weighing up to 18 g. The color of the fruit is unusually dark with a purple tint. The tomatoes are delicious with a berry aroma.

Kish-mish orange

The ripening time of a tomato under different conditions can be early and medium, but usually after 100 days this tomato can be eaten. Indeterminate bushes grow up to 2 m in height. Small orange fruits are tied with 20 tassels each.

Magic cascade

The cherry variety is suitable for any type of cultivation. The tomato shows good yield results, is resistant to rot and late blight. Fruits are tied with small tassels, weighing no more than 25 g. The vegetable is tasty preserved and fresh in a salad.

Dr. Green Frosted

The indeterminate tomato variety is suitable for growing in the garden and in the greenhouse. The main stem of the plant extends above 2 m. Abundant fruiting is observed when the bush is formed with 2 or 3 stems. Ripe tomatoes remain green with a dull shade, which makes it much more difficult to determine their maturity. However, the tomatoes are delicious and sweet. The vegetable weighs a maximum of 25 g.

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From a wide variety of cherry tomatoes, it is not difficult to choose the variety or hybrid that suits you. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the conditions for growing a crop, and decide what kind of fruits you want to get.

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