Finnish strawberry cultivation technology

Finnish strawberry cultivation technology

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Today many gardeners grow strawberries. Despite the fact that it is not so easy to take care of the berry, the capricious berry occupies more and more large areas, not only in large areas, but also in summer cottages. There are many ways to grow sweet and fragrant berries. In recent years, thanks to the Internet, gardeners have been mastering new techniques.

If you look at where the most strawberry plantations are, then Finland will be the leader. The climate in the country is rather harsh, somewhat similar to the conditions of central Russia. Therefore, the Russians are closely following the results of the Finnish agronomists. Growing strawberries using Finnish technology is becoming more and more popular. After all, he really works, the harvest is excellent. What is the uniqueness of the method, what gardeners need to know in order to avoid mistakes.

About the advantages of Finnish technology

Before finding out the features of growing strawberries using Finnish technology, let's see why it is so attractive to gardeners all over the world.


  1. Firstly, in high beds, the soil is rich in beneficial microorganisms that extract oxygen for plants and have a beneficial effect on the growth and development of strawberries.
  2. Secondly, the Finnish technology assumes that the nitrate nitrogen necessary for plants does not evaporate, but is stored in the soil under a layer of black film. Plants receive nitrogen in the required amount.
  3. Thirdly, which is also important, weeds cannot break through the film, therefore, the process of caring for strawberry plantings is simplified.
  4. Fourthly, the film, as the basis of the Finnish method, retains moisture throughout the season. But extreme heat can kill strawberries. The drip irrigation system is an essential element of Finnish strawberry cultivation technology.
  5. Fifthly, thanks to the black film, a comfortable microclimate is created inside. The root system is always warm, and this allows you to harvest earlier than in ordinary soil. This allows strawberries to be planted in early spring.
  6. Sixth, the plants practically do not get sick and are not damaged by pests. After all, it is simply impossible to survive under the film.
  7. Seventh, the collected garden strawberries are clean, without a single grain of sand. Berries are not affected by gray mold.

The essence of technology

What is the peculiarity of Finnish strawberry cultivation technology? Instead of mulch, gardeners use a black film that covers the beds. Strawberry seedlings are planted in it.

It is a black film, not a different color. After all, this color attracts heat, warming up the soil, and, therefore, creates comfortable conditions in the garden. The Finnish technique can be applied not only outdoors. Many Russian gardeners use technology created by Finnish agronomists in the area of ​​risky farming. They have adapted to growing strawberries in greenhouses.

Secrets of growing strawberries using Finnish technology for beginners in the video:

How the method is implemented

If you thoroughly study the method of growing garden strawberries using Finnish technology, then for experienced gardeners there are no ambiguities. But for beginners it will be a bit tough at first.

Let's see what stages the Finnish technology consists of:

  1. First of all, you need to find a place for the beds. Since the plant is demanding on lighting, sunny areas are chosen.
  2. After plowing, the fields are leveled, then the beds are formed.
  3. A tape is pulled over the surface, providing drip irrigation - this is the basis of Finnish technology.
  4. Cover the ridge with a black film.
  5. Seedlings are planted.
  6. They take care of plantings, harvest.

Preparing the soil

Strawberry is a plant that is demanding on a special soil. The berry works best on neutral ground or with a slightly acidic reaction. Strawberries need fertile soil, enriched with organic matter and mineral fertilizers. According to Finnish technology, all fertilizers are applied before digging: wood ash, humus, bird droppings or mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen.

Warning! You need to be careful with chicken droppings. Large concentrations of this organic fertilizer can burn the root system.

Top dressing is evenly scattered over the future bed, then dug up. This procedure will enrich the soil with oxygen. At the summer cottage, the technique does not turn around, so they dig up the garden with a shovel, and then level the surface with a rake.

Important! Use Finnish technology to cut strawberry beds from south to north. In this case, they will warm up evenly.

The length of the ridge is a matter for the gardener. After all, each of us plots are different in area. As for the choice of width, it will depend on how many rows of strawberries will be planted. For a summer residence, it is best to use a two-row planting. As a rule, in this case, the bed will be at least 10 cm high, up to 80 cm wide, and the row spacing for ease of maintenance and harvesting will be at least 50-60 cm.

Important! In wide ridges, it is difficult to provide the root system with oxygen.

On top of the bed, as suggested by Finnish technology, a mulching film is stretched and fixed on the sides of the bed. On large areas, strawberry beds are prepared using homemade or professional equipment.

Preparing beds for growing strawberries using Finnish technology with a homemade bed former:

How to plant seedlings

Preparing the film

Attention! Remember to install drip tape. It is very important.

Marking is performed on the laid film, one line is drawn in the center, and two along the edges, where the seedlings will be located. Leave 25-30 cm between plants in a row, depending on the selected strawberry variety.

There should be at least 50 cm between the rows. The entire surface is divided into squares, cross-shaped cuts are made on the intersection lines. The edges are folded inward to make a 7x7 cm square.

Planting seedlings

If the garden bed can be prepared using technology (homemade or professional), then planting seedlings when growing strawberries using the technology of Finnish agronomists can only be done manually. No machines can yet replace human hands.

The work is difficult and painstaking. As a rule, seedlings grown in pots are planted under the film. She has a good root system. When planting seedlings, pay attention to the planting depth of the rosette. The growth point must be left on the surface. Seedlings need to be squeezed well in the ground.

Important! If the growing point is buried in the soil, the plant will die from decay.

When all the bushes are planted in a permanent place, the drip irrigation system turns on. This procedure needs to be watched carefully, since strawberries do not need excess moisture. They also inspect each bush and check whether the roots are bare, whether the growth point has gone underground. You will have to add soil under the plants or slightly raise the sockets.

Care features

With any technology, including Finnish, strawberries must be properly looked after. In fact, there are no particular differences. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

What do we have to do:

  1. Water the plants regularly so that the root system does not dry out and become waterlogged. Water is supplied through a drip system, it must be warm.
  2. They feed the plants along with watering.
  3. Plants should be inspected to prevent disease and pest infestations. Preventive measures are required.
  4. Strawberries can have many whiskers, they weaken the plant, so they are removed in a timely manner.

Advice! In order not to think about when the prevention or feeding of strawberries was carried out, all events must be recorded in a special journal.

Landing processing

Despite the fact that the Finnish strawberry growing technology has many advantages over the conventional method, plants can still be sore or damaged by pests. Any processing is carried out before harvesting. As a rule, this is done before the appearance of peduncles in early spring.

Warning! When ovaries appear, the use of chemicals is not allowed: they are deposited in the fruit. Instead of vitamins, nitrates will enter the body.

Insecticides and fungicides are used to treat when strawberries stop bearing fruit. This procedure prepares the plants for the next year, laying the possibility of obtaining a rich harvest.

How to feed plants

For garden strawberries, feeding is as necessary as air. The plant throws out a large number of peduncles, all the energy goes to the formation of the crop. If the bushes are not fed in a timely manner, the weakened plant will not please with the harvest. Top dressing is carried out three times during the growing season:

  • early spring;
  • in the middle of summer;
  • in the fall after harvest.

Features of spring feeding

As soon as leaves appear on the outlets, it needs to be fed. At this time, strawberries are demanding on potash and nitrogen fertilizers. It is best to use complex dressings specifically for strawberries.

The second time they feed the strawberries, when the first berries are tied. As an option - complex fertilizers containing calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and other trace elements.

Summer food strawberry

June is the time to feed the plants. You will need ammonium nitrate and potassium sulfate. The solution is prepared strictly according to the instructions. Overdosing can harm strawberries. If you are not confident in your abilities, do not use different fertilizers for feeding, but buy special preparations.

Important! If you have remontant strawberries growing on your beds, then you need to feed them with potassium several times.

The fact is that such varieties form several fruiting waves.

What to do in the fall

After the strawberries grown according to Finnish technology have finished fruiting, they must be fed with sodium, phosphorus and potassium. There are special fertilizers for strawberries containing all trace elements.

Preparing for winter

When the crop is harvested, the covering material is removed, dried, rolled into a roll and stored. The bushes themselves are examined, the patients removed. For prevention, the garden bed is spilled with pink potassium permanganate or Fitosporin.

When the air temperature at night drops to + 2 degrees, the plantings are covered with straw mats. In regions with severe winters, more serious insulation is required.


The Finnish technology of growing strawberries is still only taking root in the Russian open spaces. Gardeners who have begun testing it respond only positively. There is nothing to be surprised at, because in comparison with traditional methods of cultivation, the yield of beds using Finnish technology increases by 20%. That is why more and more Russians are switching to growing strawberries using Finnish technology on an industrial scale.

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