Stratification of lavender seeds at home

Stratification of lavender seeds at home

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Home stratification of lavender is an effective way to significantly increase seed germination. To do this, they are placed in a humid environment and stored in a refrigerator for 1-1.5 months.

What is stratification and why is it needed

Stratification (hardening) is a special preparation of seeds for spring planting. The essence of the procedure is the storage of seeds in certain conditions (more often in cold ones). In nature, the grains fall out of the fruit and fall into the soil, after which they are covered with snow. The temperature gradually drops, and in the spring, on the contrary, the air and the earth warm up. Thanks to this, the grain "understands" that it needs to start growing.

At home, the seeds of some plants can be stored without hardening (for example, tomatoes, cucumbers). In other cases, stratification should be combined (alternately warm and cold conditions are created). And in the case of lavender, it is correct to make cold stratification. For this, the seeds are packed and stored in a conventional refrigerator at a temperature of +3 to +6 ° C.


The procedure does not begin immediately, but 30-40 days before growing seedlings. You need to focus on the fact that after hardening, they immediately start sowing for seedlings. Since this is usually done at the beginning of March, the hardening procedure can be started already at the end of January. The specific period is determined depending on the climatic conditions of the region.


The beginning of stratification

Sowing seedlings

Moscow region and

middle stripe

January 10-20

February 20-28

North-West, Ural, Siberia, Far East

January 20-31

March 1-10

South of Russia

December 20-31

January 20-31

Ways to stratify lavender seeds in the refrigerator

Quenching is carried out in a conventional refrigerator. In this case, the grains are laid out on the material at hand, moistened and placed in an airtight container to maintain a constant level of humidity.

How to stratify lavender seeds on cotton pads

One simple and effective way to stratify is to put seeds on cotton pads, which can be purchased at any drugstore. The instruction is as follows:

  1. Take a cotton pad and divide it in half so that you get 2 layers - the top and bottom.
  2. Gently pour the grains onto the base and cover.
  3. Put on a plate and moisten with water - the most convenient way to do this is from a spray bottle.
  4. Place in a pre-prepared bag or small jar.
  5. Leave on the table for a day - at room temperature.
  6. Then put in the refrigerator.
  7. Periodically, it is necessary to ensure that the disc does not dry out. Therefore, the bags must be airtight. And if the cotton wool dries up, it needs to be moistened again.

Attention! A similar method is using a dish sponge. It is cut along (but not completely), put the grains, moistened, and then kept at room temperature again, and then put in a jar and put into the refrigerator.

It is convenient to stratify lavender with a regular dishwashing sponge.

How to properly stratify lavender seeds in sawdust

In this case, it is necessary to take clean sawdust, the volume of which is 10 times greater than the volume of seeds. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Sawdust is poured over with boiling water.
  2. Cool and squeeze out excess water.
  3. Mix with seeds.
  4. Put in a jar or plastic bottle and incubate for three days at room temperature.
  5. Placed in a refrigerator and store for 30-40 days.

Stratification of lavender in sand in the refrigerator

In this case, they act like this:

  1. The grains are mixed with a large volume of sand.
  2. Moisturize abundantly.
  3. They are placed in a container and covered with a film or lid.
  4. Incubate for 24 hours at room temperature, and then placed in a refrigerator.

Professional advice

In general, hardening lavender is very easy. The main thing is to monitor the tightness of the container and the normal level of humidity. Experienced gardeners recommend taking into account several nuances:

  1. You need to stratify lavender seeds in the refrigerator on the shelf that is closer to the freezer (this is where the air is slightly colder). The optimum storage temperature is from +3 to +5 degrees.
  2. When storing in sawdust, it is recommended to stir them periodically.
  3. It is convenient to stratify lavender seeds in agroperlite. It can be used alone or mixed with sand. The sequence of actions is the same.
  4. If not only lavender, but also other seeds are hardened, it is better to stick labels on the bags or jars with the inscriptions: type, date of bookmark, quantity (if necessary).
  5. To increase the germination of lavender, after hardening the grain can be held in "Epin" or a solution of succinic acid.

Perlite retains moisture well, so it is also used for stratification.


Stratification of lavender at home is done in a variety of ways, all of which are very affordable. The shelf life is no more than 1.5 months. It is important to ensure that the sponge, sawdust or sand remains damp.

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