Husqvarna backpack blower

Husqvarna backpack blower

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Residents of large cities have probably already noticed that the usual shuffling of a broom in the morning was replaced by the hum of motors. The janitors were given new equipment for cleaning the streets - knapsack blowers. Gasoline engines make these devices self-contained, the blower is conveniently placed over the shoulders, and can be carried and transported over any distance. A knapsack blower will also come in handy in the private sector - there is a lot of work for it.

What is the principle of operation of gasoline backpack blowers, how to choose the right model of this device - this will be an article about this.

How blowers work

The principle of operation of blowers is approximately the same as that of a vacuum cleaner. The difference lies in the fact that air is not sucked into the inside of the device, but, on the contrary, is blown out of it with a certain effort.

This allows you to blow out fallen leaves, grass cuttings and other debris from the most inaccessible places, as well as collect it in a heap. The owner of a powerful device must understand that he is unlikely to succeed in collecting all the leaves from the site in one place - the blower is not intended for this.

Advice! To remove fallen leaves from lawns, you can use lawn mowers that have a mulching function. Such devices grind the leaves, leaving them on the lawn as fertilizer.

Blowers are used for other purposes, such as cleaning garden paths, gazebos, courtyards, as well as blowing debris from hard-to-reach places. Basically, this device does the job of a broom, garden rake, and vacuum cleaner at the same time. With its help, you can even collect needles from conifers, wet and caked foliage, blow debris out of dense thickets and hard-to-reach areas (such as gutters, for example), clean out outbuildings and garages.

In general, blowers have a lot of advantages, and the performance of these devices largely depends on the type of motor and its power.

Types of blowers

Blowers are distinguished by size and motor type. So, depending on what drives the engine of the device, they distinguish:

  1. Electric models powered by mains. These devices are tied to an outlet, so their range is limited by the length of the cord. Otherwise, electric blowers are quite convenient because they are lightweight, powerful and quiet.
  2. Battery models will come in handy for summer residents, because they are very mobile and compact. Basically, these are hand-held devices that need to be kept suspended during operation. The mass of the devices is small, but it increases in proportion to the battery capacity. Almost all rechargeable models are low-power, their battery charge lasts for 10-20 minutes of operation.
  3. The gasoline engine is the most powerful. Such blowers are rarely hand-held, because it is quite difficult to keep a running two-stroke engine with other devices on weight. More often, there is a gasoline knapsack model, which is conveniently located behind a person's back by means of belts.

Attention! A gasoline engine has its drawbacks: it requires regular maintenance (replacement of candles, oil, refueling, etc.), it is quite noisy (about 90 dB), and it is expensive.

In large private farms, it is the backpack-type gasoline blower that is most often found, because this device is the most powerful and productive.

Model selection

It is quite difficult for an ordinary person to determine on the fly which backpack blower is better. In addition, each model has both strengths and weaknesses. For those who are just thinking about buying a blower for their own household, a brief overview of the most popular models is offered.

Backpack blower Husqvarna 350 bt

The Swedish manufacturer Huskvarna today offers a wide range of equipment designed for maintenance and cleaning of adjacent territories and lawns. Blowers of this brand have also gained great popularity in the domestic market.

The 350 bt model is one of the most powerful knapsack blowers available. The maximum power of the gasoline engine in this device reaches 7.5 thousand revolutions per minute. This allows the device to be used even for commercial purposes and on an industrial scale - the performance of the blower with the head is enough to clean even large private areas.

The Husqvarna 350 bt has its advantages:

  • anti-vibration system that protects human hands from vibration harmful to health;
  • convenient round nozzle giving a powerful air jet;
  • a modern engine that provides a low amount of emissions into the atmosphere and saves fuel;
  • two-stage filtration of the incoming air, which allows you to work even in difficult conditions and not to fear for the safety of the device;
  • adjustable handle and wide, durable backpack straps;
  • fan speed control;
  • easy starting thanks to the fuel priming pump.

Important! The blower weighs about 10 kg, so only a physically strong person can work with it. And it's better to wear headphones as the motor is loud enough.

The high power of the gasoline engine of the Husqvarna 350 bt blower allows you to accelerate the air stream up to 80 m / s.

Blower Husqvarna 580 bts

This blower is the most powerful commercial blower ever. For cleaning a private area of ​​medium size, less powerful and oversized devices are quite suitable, but for an industrial scale Husqvarna 580 bts is what you need.

The engine of this blower has a working volume of more than 75 cubic centimeters, the power is 3.3 kW, and the air accelerates to 92 m / s. The features of the Husqvarna 580 bts blower are as follows:

  • economical consumption;
  • small release of toxic substances;
  • unique two-phase cleaning of incoming air, prolonging the operation of the entire device;
  • Hand grips and wide knapsack straps allow for easy handling of the bulky blower.

Attention! The most powerful motor of this blower works very loudly, therefore, it should be removed with its help only with special noise-absorbing headphones.

Blower backpack Ryobi rbl42bp

The Japanese company Ryobi is no less popular in Russia, because the products of this company are of high quality and durability. The Ryobi rbl42bp backpack blower is a medium sized and high power blower. The volume of the gasoline engine is 42 cm3, while the maximum power is 1.62 kW, and the air flow speed is more than 80 m / s. This blower will remove leaves with ease!

Attention! Air blowers are often referred to as garden vacuum cleaners. It is in this category of products that you should look for helpers for cleaning your site.

Pros of the Ryobi rbl42bp model:

  • corner nozzles to control the air flow and its direction;
  • easy to maintain engine;
  • comfortable backrest and easy adjustment of belts;
  • the throttle control lever is located on the handle, which allows you to adjust the engine power;
  • heat-insulating body to prevent blower overheating;
  • reduced noise level;
  • low amount of toxic emissions into the atmosphere (40% less than it is regulated by EU standards);
  • constant air flow rate;
  • the most modern carburetor responsible for instant ignition;
  • the presence of a high-speed nozzle;
  • low consumption of gasoline.

Of course, do not forget about the Japanese origin of the Ryobi rbl42bp blower, because this once again confirms the quality of the device.

The blower weighs only 8.2 kg, which allows you to work continuously as long as it takes to clean the entire area. The only drawback of this state-of-the-art blower is its high cost.

Champion gbr357 petrol backpack blower

This blower is made by an English company with a worldwide reputation, therefore it also has a high quality and long service life. It is the model of the backpack type gbr357 that is designed for cleaning small private areas and utility rooms, therefore it is perfect as a compact personal assistant.

The gbr357 blower has two modes:

  • a garden blower that blows out debris with a jet of air;
  • vacuum cleaner-shredder of foliage and cut grass.

The gbr357 model is equipped with a collection bag, several attachments and backpack belts, which greatly simplifies the cleaning of the territory.

The engine displacement is 26 cm3, the power of the device is 750 W, the volume of the waste container is 40 liters. These characteristics are quite enough to clean up the territory on a plot of 6-10 acres.

Working with the gbr357 blower is easy, as it weighs no more than seven kilograms and has a convenient shoulder mount. The noise from the motor is not very high. Shredded foliage and grass can be used as mulch or fertilizer in your own garden.

Attention! The biggest plus of this blower is the second mode. So, the device can work like a regular garden vacuum cleaner - blow out leaves and debris with a stream of air and collect them in heaps. But there is still the possibility to switch the function, connect the waste bin, grind and collect waste in a synthetic container.


It is difficult to "get lost" in blower models, because there are not so many of these devices on the market yet. The main thing with which the owner of the site must decide is to choose the type of motor. Gasoline models are the most practical, and it is better to choose a knapsack type blower so that you do not have to carry a heavy device in your hands.

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