Blood-headed firebrand: photo and description

Blood-headed firebrand: photo and description

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The blood-headed iris (Marasmius haematocephala) is a rare and therefore poorly studied species. This piece gets its name from the deep red domed hat. Outwardly, he seems disproportionate, since his cap is held on a very thin and long leg.

What does a blood-headed non-burner look like?

Due to its unusual shape, this species resembles Chinese umbrellas. In addition, these mushrooms are bioluminescent, which allows them to glow at night.

Description of the hat

As already mentioned, the hat is domed, red and crimson. On its surface there are longitudinal, slightly extruded and symmetrical stripes with respect to each other. On the inside, the plates are even, painted white.

Leg description

The leg of this specimen is cylindrical, thin and long. As a rule, it is colored brown or dark brown.

Where and how it grows

It grows on old and fallen tree branches, united in small groups. It is believed that most often this species can be found in the tropical jungles of Brazil.

Is the mushroom edible or not

It is classified as an inedible mushroom. There is no reliable information on the toxicity.

Important! On our planet, there are about 500 varieties of the genus Negniychnik, the bulk of which are classified as inedible. Most of them have very small fruiting bodies, which is why they are of no culinary interest.

Doubles and their differences

In terms of the size and shape of the fruiting body, the species under consideration is similar to many representatives of this genus, however, due to the specific color, it cannot be confused with any other mushroom. That is why we can conclude that he has no twins.


The blood-headed firebrand is a rare mushroom that bewitches with its unusual beauty. Some members of the Negniychnikovye family are known and widespread almost all over the world. However, the instance in question is not included in this number. This species is little studied, it is only known that it is one of the inedible mushrooms and has the ability to glow at night.

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